Thursday, April 15, 2010

'Yet another soul touched by Bambi'

My mom recieved this email last week from a nurse in South Carolina.  I asked the nurse if it would be alright to share her thoughts.  She agreed.  Here is the message my mom recieved. 

Subject: Bambi's Story
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010

I am a 29 year old RN who has spent my entire (nearly 10 years now) nursing career working in critical care. Even as a child I can remember being so sure that I wanted to be an organ donor. After seeing the things I've seen.....I know this with every fiber of my being and to the deepest root of my core! And I shout it from the roof tops to ANYONE who will listen! I have been on every single side of the coin there is to for a pt. going for organ donation, care of organ recipients, and a family member of a patient who needed an organ. In all my preaching and shouting and not understanding of decisions to not donate.....emotions ALWAYS run high. But I must tell you...It was only recently that I happened across Bambi's story. I have watched so many times....and yet, can NEVER watch without tears for that precious baby and dedicated husband. Truely a God send! I post Bambi's story onto my FaceBook page every few months. The responses are ALWAYS positive with a certain somberness. I immediately tell those people to go to the website and register with LifeShare of the Carolina's! I just wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing something so personal and moving! If I can't watch without crying it's very difficult to even begin to fathom what it must be like in your shoes. THANK YOU....thank all of you! Thank you for being bold, thank you for being honest, thank you for being enlightening, thank you for opening your pained hearts to strangers, thank you for Bambi! WHAT an AMAZING woman! The world will NEVER forget her now....thanks to your openness! I truely, just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Yet another soul touched by Bambi!

Katrina Wade RN
Charlotte, NC

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Katrina!  It is a blessing to know that Bambi's Stry is still out there touching people's lives and impacting communities!

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  1. Late post. I just found the site. My personal Bambi story covers a number of years. One of my more favorite stories, however, is deeply personal. I had 91 CRX as I was a junior at Roy High. Bambi and I were good old friends from Roy Junior High. Here, in high school, that friendship continued. One day, as many days went, we got in that old 91 Honda CRX and were driving away from school and I had Tori Amos playing on the stereo, I was paying attention to the road when she turned it up and sang along and I heard a vocal talent that blew me away, even Tori Amos would have shaken to the core at the sound. So many things you meant to so many people my friend. Thank you for everything, thank you always, and thank you forever. I love and miss you so. Matt Radabaugh. (eleven)